Want to know where Titus Andronicus is set? Read on for all the details of this classic Roman play, and see the settings in and around Rome for each scene in Titus Andronicus on the map below.

Shakespeare set Titus Andronicus in ancient Rome. It’s difficult to say exactly when, and in whose reign though, as Shakespeare has created an impression of ancient Rome without being specific.

The Rome of Titus Andronicus is a terrifying place: it’s not the civilized Rome of the Caesars, but a Rome where things like cannibalism, rape, ritual murder, and all kinds of violence are daily occurrences. Shakespeare very cleverly creates a Rome effect by quotations that seem to anchor the audience in the idea of Rome, using references to the Roman culture that the audience would have been familiar with.

The map below shows all the Rome locations Shakespeare used for Titus Andronicus. You can zoom in on the map for a more detailed view of an area, and click the icons on the map for more information. Text in the more info box are the specific locations Shakespeare references in his Titus Andronicus text:

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