Today’s guest blog post is written by Marcus from Tavistock Tutors, where he shares his top 10 tips to improve your essay writing technique.10 Tips To Improve Your Essay Writing 1

How to write an essay?

When I first had to write an essay, I didn’t know what I was doing at all. It was all mixed up and somewhat uninteresting to read. Plus, I would spend countless minutes trying to think of what to write. However, as I matured and grew as a person, I started writing better and better. Now, it’s all too easy for me to write a more complicated essay with something interesting as a topic. But I didn’t reach this point through any unconventional means. On the contrary, I practised a lot and followed a few tips given to me by others. I want to present these tips to you so that you can improve your essay writing the way I did.

Make it a personal statement

Readers can connect much better with your essay if you write it as a personal statement. It simply seems more natural and honest which is what can make the reader immerse himself in the story. Whatever the topic might be, don’t write ‘objectively’ because it will seem as you are too serious.

Choose a unique and good title

A single, compelling title will be sure to catch the attention of more people than if you chose a generic essay title. Choose words that are ‘explosive’, or in other words, have a big effect on the mind of the reader. You want the reader to focus on reading your essay completely, and the title choice is the first step towards achieving that goal. Here’s a great article on how to come up with a catchy headline.

Bring your topic to life and understand your audience

If your essay is going to be read to children, for example, write in a way that would keep the kids interested. You will need to understand the audience you are writing for because you want them to be interested in what you write. Also, make the topic alive – the more interesting words you choose, the more interested the readers will be.

Follow the instructions

If there are specific instructions, set that you should follow when writing the essay – be sure to follow them. Even though they might not be necessary, by following the instructions, you are telling the reader that you’ve read the requirements and that you’re a responsible person.

Don’t afraid to be funny

Being funny shows the reader that you aren’t entirely technical in your essay, plus, everyone needs a laugh once in a while. If your essay is relatively long and serious, a funny situation here and there can help break the monotony.

I like serious books so I used to write serious articles, but I once experimented with being funny and it made my essays much better. I recommend doing the same!

Be honest

No one likes hearing or reading lies, especially in essays or books. How many times have you run into ‘research’ that claims certain things and then it turns out that they were lying? It’s a fairly common sight on the Internet. Be sure to be honest while writing your essay because you’ll also be building trust with the reader which is important. Don’t fake reactions, especially if you’re writing from personal experience or making a personal statement.

Use words you know

Don’t try to use words to which you don’t know the meaning of. It is noticeable, and you’ll be getting negative points. However, use words that you know to your advantage and use maximum efficiency. A carefully placed word can make a big change in the reader’s mind!

Use proper grammar and punctuation

It’s a shocking fact that most websites on the Internet don’t use correct punctuation and grammar. Most readers will simply stay away from poorly written articles. If it takes a bit more time to write a grammatically correct essay – then take the time to write everything correctly. It’s better to write slower but more precise than fast and messy.

Write as many drafts as you need to

The best possible method that you can use to write the perfect essay is to write as many drafts as it’s necessary. Don’t only start out by writing the real deal – make a few drafts first. Choose what’s best and which style best suits the topic that you need to write about. Then after you’ve made your choice, use the information from those drafts to craft the perfect essay. There’s no rush!

Explain how you’re judging the work

Sometimes the reader might wonder why you’re writing about the topic of the essay or why you wrote something, so try to explain how exactly you came to your conclusions. Also, make sure to provide enough details so the reader knows exactly what’s happening and why.

Author Bio

Marcus works for Tavistock Tutors –  a firm that can supply tutors across London for any subject, any age and at any level.

“Whilst the offering is extremely broad, we have never turned away a client for any subject or level. Some tutors may be harder to find and can take a few weeks to source, whereas our mainstream subjects are usually placed within a few hours. We offer everything from English and Mathematics to Archaeology and Real Estate.

Our ethos at Tavistock Tutors is to make everyone’s lives easier, both for the tutor and the tutee, whether this is through our innovative payments system and pricing, our stress on excellent customer service, or just doing the simple things well. We are the only agency that will answer phone calls at 10pm, 11pm, 12pm, or 7am (when we are awake we take calls) – the same goes for emails. This is especially helpful for our international clients. We believe we have the quickest turnaround of any agency in London whilst offering the best candidates at the most competitive price. I am confident in saying that if there were a price to quality ratio we would come out on top – by a country mile.”

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