Want to know where King Lear is set? The setting of Shakespeare’s King Lear is very bleak – an ancient mythical kingdom somewhere in the middle of England. Some scholars have placed the setting around ancient Leicestershire. The time period is also unknown but it seems to be something like the period in which the mythical King Arthur ruled his kingdom on the west coast of England. The action takes place in the middle of a very bleak winter. Shakespeare wants to make the winter as hostile to human beings as possible, which sharpens the suffering of Lear.

The map below shows all the locations Shakespeare used for King Lear, and below the map is a text list of the locations. When you click a pin on the map it opens to show all of the settings used within the location, using Shakespeare actual wording. You can zoom in on the map for a more detailed view of an area, click the icons on the map for more information, or use the list of all map pins below King Lear settings map: