See below for a full list of all Shakespeare King John characters:

King John:  The King of England.

Eleanor:  John’s mother

Philip:  The King of France

Arthur:  Son of John’s elder brother and rightful heir to the throne.

The Bastard :  Illegitimate son of Richard the Lionhearted, the Bastard’s proper name is Philip

Louis:  Philip’s son

Pandolf:  A messenger from the pope

Hubert:  One of John’s men

Constance:  Arthur’s mother

Pembroke:  One of John’s followers

Salisbury:  One of John’s followers

Austria:  One of Philip’s men

Blanche:  Niece of John

Essex:  One of John’s followers.

Lord Bigot:  One of John’s followers.

Melun:  One of Louis’s men

Falconbridge:  The Bastard’s younger (legitimate) brother

Lady Falconbridge:  The Bastard’s mother

Chatillon:  A messenger from France

Prince Henry:  John’s son

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King John characters on stage at the Globe Theatre

King John characters on stage at the Globe Theatre

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