Shakespeare was a master character creator, and he invented and brought to life hundreds of Shakespeare characters in his many plays. This site section is a work in progress, as we work to build out in-depth character studies for all of Shakespeare’s major characters. Want a run-down of Shakespeare’s characters in one of his play? Click on the play below to find the full list of characters Shakespeare created and brought to life in each of his plays.

Shakespeare’s Top Characters

Interested in a deeper look at Shakespeare’s characters? If so have a read of Shakespeare’s top villains, or Shakespeare’s most powerful women, or look at our indepth character studies below of Shakespeare’s most searched for characters:

Discover Shakespeare Characters By Play:

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  1. Bethany
    Bethany says:

    Hi, I’m studying Melodrama in my Drama lesson and I would like to know, is there a Shakespeare play were ALL the actors are male?

    • Shakespeare
      Shakespeare says:

      It is said that Shakespeare finally “understood” tragedy once his only son died at the age of 11. This left him heartbroken and therefore he knew how to create a tragic play.


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