See below for a full list of all the Much Ado About Nothing characters:

DON PEDRO, Prince of Arragon

DON JOHN, his bastard Brother

CLAUDIO, a young Lord of Florence

BENEDICK, a young Lord of Padua

LEONATO, Governor of Messina

HERO, Daughter to Leonato

BEATRICE, Niece to Leonato

ANTONIO, his Brother

MARGARET, URSULA, Waiting-gentlewomen attending on Hero

BALTHAZAR, Servant to Don Pedro

BORACHIO, CONRADE, followers of Don John

DOGBERRY, a Constable

VERGES, a Headborough


A Sexton

A Boy

Messengers, Watch, Attendants

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Much Ado About Nothing characters Beatrice, eating a bunch of grapes

Much Ado About Nothing characters Beatrice, played by Emma Thompson