See below for a full list of all the characters in Romeo & Juliet:

ESCALUS, Prince of Verona

PARIS, a young Nobleman, Kinsman to the Prince

MONTAGUE & CAPULET, Heads of two Houses at variance with each other

LADY CAPULET, Wife to Capulet

JULIET, Daughter to Capulet

LADY MONTAGUE, Wife to Montague

Uncle to Capulet

ROMEO, son to Montague

MERCUTIO, Kinsman to the Prince, & BENVOLIO, Nephew to Montague, Friends to Romeo

TYBALT, Nephew to Lady Capulet

Nurse to Juliet

FRIAR LAURENCE, a Franciscan

FRIAR JOHN, of the same Order

BALTHASAR, Servant to Romeo

SAMPSON, & GREGORY, Servants to Capulet

PETER, Servant to Juliet’s Nurse

ABRAHAM, Servant to Montague

An Apothecary

Three Musicians

Page to Mercutio; Page to Paris; another Page; an Officer

Citizens of Verona; male and female Kinsfolk to both Houses; Masquers, Guards, Watchmen and Attendants

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