See below for a full list of all the characters in The Taming of the Shrew:

A Lord

CHRISTOPHER SLY, a Tinker, Hostess, Page, Players, Huntsmen, and Servants, Persons in the Induction

BAPTISTA, a rich Gentleman of Padua

KATHARINA, Daughter to Baptista

BIANCA, Daughter to Baptista

VINCENTIO, an old Gentleman of Pisa

LUCENTIO, son to Vincentio; in love with Bianca

PETRUCHIO, a Gentleman of Verona; Suitor to Katharina

GREMIO, HORTENSIO, Suitors to Bianca

TRANIO, BIONDELLO, Servants to Lucentio

GRUMIO, CURTIS, Servants to Petruchio

Pedant, set up to personate Vincentio


Tailor, Haberdasher, and Servants attending on Baptista and Petruchio


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