The Comedy of Errors play is set mainly in a street in Ephesus in ancient Greece, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site in Southern Turkey. See more on The Comedy Of Errors settings

Date written: 1594

Genre classificationThe  Comedy of Errors is a Comedy play.

Main characters in The Comedy of Errors: Antipholus of Ephasis, married to a jealous wife, Adriana, is the lost twin of Antipholus of Syracuse , the son of the merchant, Egon and his wife, Emilia.

Dromio of Ephasis and Dromio of Syracuse are long separated brothers and servants to the two Antipholus twins respectively.

Luciana is Adriana’s loyal sister. Solinus is the Duke of Ephasis. Angelo is a goldsmith. Doctor Pinch is a devious schoolmaster. There is a Courtesan and a maid to Adriana, Luce. See full list of characters in The Comedy of Errors.

The Comedy of Errors themes: The main themes of this play is family loyalties, persistence, identity and coincidence. As in all Shakespeare’s plays, the theme of love and the relationships between men and women is prominent. A theme that informs all of Shakespeare’s plays is important and well developed here – that of appearance and reality.

the comedy of errors - 2 sets of twins

Twintastic The Comedy of Errors play

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