See below for a full list of all The Comedy of Errors characters:

EGEON, a Merchant of Syracuse

AEMILIA, Wife to Ægeon, an Abbess at Ephesus

ANTIPHOLUS of Ephesus, ANTIPHOLUS of Syracuse, Twin Brothers, sons to Aegeon and Aemilia

ADRIANA, Wife to Antipholus of Ephesus

LUCIANA, her Sister

DROMIO of Ephesus, DROMIO of Syracuse, Twin Brothers, attendants on the two Antipholuses

BALTHAZAR, a Merchant

ANGELO, a Goldsmith

Merchant, Friend to Antipholus of Syracuse

A Second Merchant, to whom Angelo is a debtor

PINCH, a Schoolmaster and a Conjurer

LUCE, Servant to Andriana

A Courtezan

Gaoler, Officers, and other Attendants

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The comedy of errors summary characters, including 2 sets of twins

Twintastic The Comedy of Errors characters

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