Read all 154 of Shakespeare’s Sonnets in modern English in the NoSweatShakespeare Modern Sonnets ebook:

Translated below the original text into easy to read modern English

Allow you to master the ideas and language of Shakespeare’s sonnets

Available in PDF format to download now in full for $14.95!

The Modern Shakespeare Sonnet ebook is intended to offer an easy read-through to aid understanding of all 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets. There is no attempt to directly ‘translate’ the poetry word for word, as Shakespeare’s poetry is intense and heavily layered with multiple meanings and use of rhyme, metre, and metaphors.

The ebook contains each of Shakespeare’s original sonnets, alongside an argument of the sonnet and a general impression of the main sense, whilst following each line and image as a modern version. You can see examples of individual sonnets translated to modern English here, or download the entire ebook here.

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